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Full Tilt–The Daily Double!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Full tilt  We found quite the surprise in the hen house yesterday – one whopping big egg!  When you compare this big egg, to the regulars, you can see something is different.  So I checked the egg on the scale –it registered off the charts BIG! Beyond extra large – XXL.

  I strongly suspected a double yolk might be inside, and of course, there was a double yolk! This made me wonder if it is possible for twin chicks to hatch from a fertilized egg. Twins run in my family and my husband’s family.  So it seems right that we should have a hen that lays double yolk eggs occasionally.  Double yolk eggs occur 1/1000 eggs laid.  So, I guess it might be a while before this novelty re-occurs in my urban hen house.

  We’ll scramble this egg up for breakfast tomorrow!  It’s a good thing I like the yolks better than the whites!

Double yolk

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MardiUnited StatesMardi said:

To answer your question, it is not possible for twin chicks to hatch as there is not enough room in the shell for both to develop normally.  I also suspect you will find a few more double-yolkers in the near future - this happened a lot with our hens when they first started laying, but hasn't happened now for many months.  I think it must be before they get the regular laying thing figured out - once they lay ocnsistently it probably won't happen again.  Too bad.  We always thought the double-yolk eggs were pretty neat.

megancpUnited Statesmegancp said:

Actually Mardi,  
The video link in this post shares twin chicks hatching -- take a peek at it!

I read that the pullet may produce hormones irregularly and this can cause multiple ovulation -- and sometimes the eggs stick together.

I think the double yolks are cool too!

AndyUnited StatesAndy said:

Some chickens will lay double yoke eggs after a molt also.

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