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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

 cooprunI’m really pleased with this little hen house.  On the face of it, I can admit, it looks just okay –a bit of plain Jane really.  My local farm supply sells this set up new in the box for around $400.00.  I bought mine used and spent a fraction of that cost.  I placed garden paver stones under the perimeter of the hen house and run (the cage part) to provide an elevated, level, barrier.  This should  discourage predators. I also added a sheet of corrugated roofing panel over the run to help keep the rains out.  I have chicken-street-of-I’m-dreaming plans to side the house out with cedar shingles along with new roof shingles to match my people house.  You know, to doll it up a little.  Though it is fully functional as-is.  This house is designed for 4-6 average sized chickens.  I have 3 average sized hens, and I think they fit this set up very well. 

  If you look closely, and know what to look for, you’ll see a hanging feeder for dry chicken feed, a hanging bucket which serves as a sanitary waterer, and an orange basket attached to the side of the coop for grit or the odd food treat. 

  This hen house provides: a safe enclosure, adequate room, some dirt to scratch at, good air circulation, a roosting bar, and nest boxes (the place a hen lay eggs).  Cover these basic needs of a chicken, and however you build it,  you can have a henhouse too.


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Sharon CrosettoUnited StatesSharon Crosetto said:

Thanks for sharing!Your blog was passed on to me from "The Great Andrew Buck" Raincreek Pottery and Poultry
Port Orchard, WA.

Looking forward to more blogging!  Sharon

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